Madden 20 QB ratings:

Mahomes: 97
Brady: 96
Rivers: 94
Luck: 92
Wilson: 91
Rodgers: 90
Ryan: 89
Big Ben: 85
Cam: 84
Goff: 83
Baker: 83
Watson: 82
Wentz: 82
Dak: 81
Cousins: 81
Carr: 80
Dalton: 80
Mariota: 79
Stafford: 79
Jimmy G: 78
Foles: 77
Lamar: 76
Winston: 76
Trubisky: 75

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) July 15, 2019

Having buyers remorse yet, Brownie ?  at least your 84 million dollar arm, is higher than Truputsky.

Brown Paper Sack AGAIN posted:

5 qb's rated higher than Rodgers, shouldn't you be asking yourself that question?


On the buried QB index, Cousins is buried twice as deep as Rodgers.  On the relative QB ranking scale, that isn't saying much for Cousins. 

The flip side is what you do with your ranking.  For Rodgers it is another chip on his shoulder to come out and prove everyone wrong.  For Cousins it is a reason to run and hide - and for guaranteed money.  Somehow I missed the boat there. 

So how do they actually do a player release in Packerland?  Do they bus them up to Ashland, take off the hood, push them out and tell them to walk Northeast into Michigan? Give them a few rations and a survival knife or something?

A few months later they resurface and spill their secret dirty Packer laundry to the media.