None of these top teams are "winning out" - for god sakes the Seahakws won because of a missed FG & Shanahan didn't play for the tie. Good lord. They ain't some juggernaut. There's 2 juggernauts -- one is in Baltimore. The other is in Green Bay

I'd be just fine with the #2 seed -- Just get the bye

Well with the extra time before the game the team can go out and enjoy the feces and used needle filled streets of San Fransisco.  I hope they don’t get a case of typhus or hep A while they are there.


 San Fran is literally a “third world $hit hole”.  


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Blair Kiel posted:

That would be awesome!

I have this ….rash... down under I'd like to discuss.

Probably secondary/Tertiary syphlisis  — target looking rash — it’s a spirochete just like Lyme disease.

Eventually causes neurological symptoms (just like lyme) — the prostitutes pupil... it’ll accommodate, but it won’t react.... just like the prostitute 

still sensitive to good ol’ penicillin...



I have never seen cleaner roadsides in my life. Coming from Florida, the home of "Shit flying out of the cargo bed of my pick-up,  but hey I wasn't littering." the dichotomy is striking....and don't start me on road etiquette...been here a year and don't think I've heard a car horn blast in anger twice. Who knew driving isn't a NASCAR event?

Now bars. That's a different topic.

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