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A forum for discussion of the Green Bay Packers and all NFL topics

Last Post: Leroy Butler, HOF Finalist
Green Bay Packers / NFL

A forum for discussion of the Milwaukee Brewers and all MLB Topics

Last Post: Brewers/Rays series thread
Milwaukee Brewers / MLB

A forum for discussion of the Milwaukee Bucks and all NBA Topics

Last Post: Bucks Offseason
2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks / NBA

A forum for discussion of the Wisconsin Badgers and all NCAA topics

Last Post: USC/UCLA to Big 10 per ESPN
Wisconsin Badgers / NCAA

Soccer, NHL, Auto Racing, etc.

Last Post: Fussball 2021
All Other Sports

A place to put stuff we don't want purged.

Last Post: ROUND 1 PICK 26 (f/Baltimore through New England) - OLB Clay Matthews (USC)

Questions or topics on technology, science, electronics, etc. 

Last Post: Lightning Strike / Solar flare
Tech and Science

A forum for Pop Culture, Movies, TV, Music, etc. 

Last Post: Favorite Twitter follow?
X4 Lounge

Discussion about food and drink, reviews, your favorite recipes, etc.  

Last Post: "Excessive" drinking

Echo echo echo echo...

Last Post: Fedya's "Movies to Tivo" Thread, Week of May 23-29, 2022
Fedya's Movies to Tivo

Concerns or questions about the site, software, or forums

Last Post: The fall of X4 ...
Support and Feedback