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NFL Offseason Schedule

Here are the dates for the NFL Combine, Free Agency and the NFL Draft. Also it is listed where you can watch them.

Bucs/Pack Prediction

Hate to say it but 35-13 Tamps Whiite and David both dominant expose turner and Wagner for what they are Brady goes up 14-0 early jones and fournette with 175 combined yard and eat clock Aaron with 2 picks and turns back into gunslinger mode with bad body language Being brutally honest Tampa just a better team great season though jones,king, Williams all leave for free agency pack have to cut smith, Kirksey, Wagner, and Amos to stay under cap Packer 7-9 2021-22 Live era begins 23 it was good...

over/under on first meltdown on gameday

Taking a clue from Blair, wondering at what point a poster on the board goes into full apocalyptic (seasons over, told you last season was a charade, fire gutey meltdown? Before game starts, First, second or third quarter? Bonus points for who goes there first!!! I'll be here with my popcorn 🍿

Requiem to a Packers Season

Jonathan Barnett and Paul Noonan give you the break down of the final game as well as the reasons for optimism and concern for the 2020-2021 season.

Thank you Vets

Before the day got away from me I wanted to say thank you to all who have served our country to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. Sitting here with a tear rolling down my face as I watch a documentary on the Honor Flight program that brings local vets to Washington for special recognition and ceremonies. Many of these guys are WWII vets in their 90's, still smiling and loving life. These are just ordinary guys who decades ago witnessed and fought through hell and then came back, at least...