1985 vs............Never......game thread (Bears/Vikes)

...because it's football

...because Bart Starr still has more Super Bowl rings than both franchises....combined.

...because 1985 was also the last time Fedya got lucky.

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packerboi posted:

The Queens have lost I believe 9 of their last 10 games at Soldier Field with their last win in 2006. Didn't realize they have had so many issues in Chi Town. Maybe it's the deep dish.

Mmmmmm damn I could go for some Geno's East now....

ChilliJon posted:

Bears are a poorly coached team. They have some players. But Fox really sux. 

Didn't Manning call all the plays and basically run the offense?

Fox is a HC with no idea how to run an offense and let Manning do what he wanted.

Can't do that in Chicago with a rookie QB and a no game plan.

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