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MichiganPacker2 posted:
artis posted:

Press coverage and nobody separating has taken 12 out of his game and all 31 teams know it.

That doesn't explain missing guys when he drops back on 3 or 5 step drops, sets his feet, is under no pressure, and  just misses throws like he did to Abbrederis and Richard Rodgers. 

Maybe, maybe not. If it's in his head he might simply be shocked to see an open guy and rush the throw. It's two yrs now since he's seen any guys run free in coverage. Not excusing him. He clearly isn't slinging it properly.

Now Randall is down. Joy. 

BTW, pretty interesting article by McGinn. I fully believe Aaron Rodgers can be an elite QB again. As pointed out, he's in fantastic shape, and there are no injuries (at least that have been reported, or that I can see) interfering with his mechanics. 

So, what's the answer? I can't believe that Aaron Rodgers needs further motivation. I don't see any talk that he's slacking in his game preparation. Is this mental? Is it that defenses have changed how they play against him...this late into his career? 

I just can't understand what's happening. He makes a spectacular throw out of the pocket, then just misses what should be a pass he makes in his sleep.