2017 Draft

It's a great sign that a college player who didn't grow up in the Midwest wants to play for the Bucks. Maybe some free agents will start to give us a discount to come play with Giannis and chase a ring? Like David West, Zaza Pachulia for the Warriors or a bunch of guys who've left money on the table to play with LeBron over the years

Everyone is applauding Philly and I guess it makes sense but I am not sold on the Sixers. 

Simmons is Glass Joe and who knows how many games Embiid will play.  

Boston is doing what they do.  Which means Ainge is overthinking this and they would be better dealing that 1st rounder to get an established wing player that can score and play some D.  Jimmy Butler anyone? 

As. Bucks fan I am not concerned about either of them. 

On paper Philly has some real talent, but wow have they had some bad luck with injuries.  With Embiid it's gotten to the point that maybe it's not bad luck anymore.  He's just for whatever reason very injury prone and maybe he's a much more talented version of Greg Oden. 

I will say this, when I went to the 76ers/Bucks game on MLK day, Embiid was the best player on the floor, every bit as impressive as Giannis, just in a different manner.   That said, if he's only on the floor for 20 games a year, he's not going to help them much.

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