2018/2019 Euro Season

According to pundits though, they overpaid for a guy in the downside of his career.

A bigger concern is, who is going to back up Fernandinho? Getting pipped for Jorginho by Chelsea when we had a deal already agreed upon will change things. Dinho is always good for a 3 match ban a season due to yellow accrual.

Fukkin' Klopp...

Klopp in July 2016: “Other clubs can go out and spend more money and collect top players. I want to do it differently.”

- Signs Van Dijk for £75m - the most expensive defender ever

- Offers €70m for Alisson - potentially the most expensive GK ever!

Fedya posted:

I never claimed they weren't, although they do have less money than EPL or La Liga teams

Sounding like they are getting ready to do a fire sale making some big names available, among them Thiago, Boateng, Vidal and Bernat (according to BILD).

I don't pay close enough attention to BM to know if it's because they have slipped, or if they are at max value and Bayern want to re-tool for the CL run.

Again, my issue is not that Liverpoo are spending the cash...if you have it, spend it, but when 2 years ago the manager basically criticizes clubs for doing so, then is happy as a clam to do it, it bugs me. Truth be told, I used to really like Klopp...had wished they brought him in to replace Pellegrini. However, having heard his rhetoric now for almost 3 years, he's kind of a twat.

Any top club is going to go through periods of spending money...and will bring whining from those who don't spend money. Or you get an asshat like Klopp who feigns disgust at clubs like City, or ManUre, for spending money, and then Liverpoo turns around and does the same thing.

Chongo posted:

Hoping Spurs hold firm on Alderweireld and don't let him go to ManUre. My guess though is it would cost Mou between 75m-100m pounds...if nothing else, you can smell his desperation...and Poo paid 75m for Van Dijk so the bar has been set.

Yeah, it's not that easy. Spurs really do want to sell Alderweireld ASAP, because they don't want to meet his pay demands. Next year he has an option to become a free agent. They won't come close to getting 75 for him unless another team enters the fray.

Chongo posted:

Was perusing adidas' web site to order some gear for my niece and nephew...there is just something wrong that they charge the same amount for a ManUre kit as they a Portland Timbers kit. 

Yeah, clearly the ManUre **** was overpriced. 

Fukking Mourinho...bitching about the World Cup devasted the pre-season training for his squad...meanwhile, Guardiola's take is "so amazing for our players to be in the World Cup, it also allows so much time for our young kids to train with the first team. That is so so important."

DeBruyne goes down today in training with serious knee injury...not good. Nothing official, but rumors are at the least it's an LCL tear which last time he had kept him out 2 months...could be an ACL, which would mean 9 months minimum.

Huge opportunity for Bernardo Silva and wunderkind Phil Foden if he is out for any length of time. Also a nice luxury since City has an abundance of wingers, they can move Bernardo to a central attacking role.

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