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(4/17/2013 07:52:00 PM) - Al

Very disappointed no one is reporting that the Boston fans barely could be bothered to pay tribute to the 8 year old Northeast Elitist kid. A T-Shirt? Couldn't even be bothered to even go with a replica jersey? Typical elitist libs, couldn't even give enough of a damn to show that, yeah, we're kind of patriotic.
(4/18/2013 12:21:00 AM) - Al

You wouldn't think any insurance company would touch that plant unless they literally had an in house fire department.That fire blazed and eventually, something exploded. That town will never be the same, and as I said earlier, because of its location, it won't get a fraction of the play.

Sampling of front pages for old librul media:

Kinda funny the life coach builds his own fantasy land in which to live and yet goes the extra mile to make sure that even that make-believe reality is a miserable place.

Uh oh...

Al has had some contact with the world outside his bubble. He, as always, handled it properly by doubling down on the derp and renewing his vows of hatred for the elite.

(4/18/2013 12:13:00 PM) - Al

Some folks upset I pointed out the fact Boston fans did not have the gumption to sing until prodded on. Of course, no one argued this fact, because it's undeniable.The truth may hurt, but it will set you free.

By the way, if you feel strongly about your opinion, you might want to purchase the guts to, I don't know, use your real name. Cowards are nothing if not predictable. The idea of having your feelings hurt by voluntarily checking out a blog which does not espouse your "gimme, gimme, gimme" political sad as your inability to piece together your thoughts without name calling. Bullies never grow up, they just move on to email.

I wish I did not feel sorry for those blessed enough to have won the geographic lottery, but spend all their time pining for Lenin's return. It's a shame some choose to wallow in self created misery. Luckily, I know that I can't control the fact the left lacks in politeness and civility; which explains their ruse of insisting they are superior in such areas. They are not only the people that do not race to the scene of the emergency, they trip others as they do, and then mock them for falling down.

Nananananananana my made-up facts are right/damn libruls/cowards not like me I'm brave/commies/hate Boston/not sure WTF he's talking about.

This is why we admire him so.

EmilyWCVBEmily Riemer 32m

State police lined up on Arsenal Street, standing still and silent.

Found this on twitter. I'm sure al is surprised law enforcement had the gumption (or he is mad they aren't patriotic enough to be singing the national anthem). No one disputes this fact.

I think it was Chilijon in another thread who spoke well of the people in Boston. I've been nothing but amazed by how people responded to tragedy.
Boris - glad our brother is okay.

12 bodies were recovered from the West explosion. About 200 injured. No word on how many we're first responders. There was a fire at the plant, the firefighters were on the scene when the explosion occurred. Texas State Police say the area is still considered a crime scene.

From a press conference this morning:
West, TX explosion update - 2 rescue fire trucks, 1 EMS truck destroyed in explosion. Still a crime scene. Still in search & rescue mode.
Are you kidding? The Walter Cronkite network? The same Walter Cronkite that dared speak out against Vietnam?

That dirty commie spent his entire life apologizing for being Murcan, and CBS enabled him. I've always wondered how people could continue to cheer for our demise as the greatest country ever, most recently be refusing to sing the national anthem in Boston. No one disputes that fact. I, for one, will never apologize for being patriotic.

CBS is about as old as old media gets. The left doesn't care about facts, only pushing their agenda of mediocrity and misery.

/attempts to puff out chest with pride for awsum take and falls down again/
The headache and stress of watching TV. Al has big problems to tackle, and big thinking to do.

(5/17/2013 11:00:00 AM) - Al

I have five shows I watch or DVR on network TV...Amazing Race, Survivor, Shark Tank, Criminal Minds, and SVU.

For the second year in a row, Criminal Minds and SVU will be on the same time. I can DVR two things, or watch one and DVR the other, but if I'm watching sports, I can only DVR one other thing. Technically, I can use one of our other DVR's, but that's just so much thinking and planning.

It's the sign of a true patriot when walking your fat ass over to a different DVR is just too much. Someone who is so into thinking and planning is more than qualified to be a life coach.

I bet he falls down a lot on his way to that other DVR.