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Originally posted by al:
One thing that is rarely mentioned, but I admit, I'm enough of a nerd to have thought about often...Hunter Morris and Scooter Gennett are both playing solidly at AAA Nashville.

The way they perform may well be directly related to whether or not the Brewers offer an extension to Corey Hart, and how they go forward with Rickie Weeks. One thing to keep in mind, while both are lefty hitters, neither has shown the ability to hit LHP, though admittedly, that is an acquired skill, as players see few quality LHP's in amateur ball.

Having a RH hitting veteran in reserve would be a good idea anyway, if the Crew decides to go with a youngster. Bianchi, who also has the ability to play a passable SS, would be a nice fit, in my opinion, at 2B. A RH hitting 1B, who can also play 3B or corner OF, in theory, shouldn't be difficult to find either.

mind, blown.

No one has ever had these thoughts before, revolutionary. I'd never considered, before today, getting a player who could play OF, in theory.
Originally posted by al:
Unless that back wall is somehow "in play," the overpaid and underworked umps managed to once again miss a call on instant replay.

It is simply off the charts how absolutely incompetent they are.

Wait 'til it gets hot out.

Lucroy, Roenicke say umps got it right

β€œI thought it was the right call,” Roenicke said. β€œThey said it has to clear that little fence there, and to me, it looked like it hit the little fence. My eyes aren’t that good, but that’s what it looked like.”

β€œIt didn’t go out,” Lucroy said.

we've been neglecting al a little bit


(7/08/2013 02:38:00 PM) - Al 

Casuals insisted all last year Ishikawa was not good enough to be a lefty bench bat.
Now, he'll probably be platooning at 1B for some little small market team called the Yankees.
That's why they're casuals.




Ishikawa, who received only two plate appearances with the Yankees, is expected to go on waivers today, MLBTR has learned.



This really is the best of al.  We are all casual morons for something that wasn't ever said, proof being the Yankees ate him up so quickly.  3 days later...

(7/12/2013 09:27:00 PM) - Al


I don't think anyone could have made that play at 3B...short hop that took a huge bounce. That's a sign that the official scorer is just ignorant.
Too bad for Yuni, who has been very good at 3B, +7.9 UZR/150 in his limited time there in his career.


Ball hit him in the wrist.  Not saying it was an easy play, but if "not easy" is al's benchmark for "shouldn't be an error," then we disagree on more than just baseball, women and common sense. 


Oh, and limited time?  45 games.  al is ignoring all other defensive metrics to point out "very good" over 45 games.  Tomorrow he will call you casual for citing small samples. 

Catching up on Al after a week long vacation.


(8/16/2013 07:50:00 PM) - Al

Casuals are wrong on Francisco, and quite likely wrong on Scooter also.

Two things casuals just don't "get" valuable power is, and how poor most 2B hit.


What are they wrong about with regard to Francisco?  Who cares, it gives Al free license to use the word casuals and to make stuff up that us "casuals" don't get things.  Meanwhile, I'll anxiously await Al's next defense of Yuni.


(8/14/2013 10:56:00 PM) - Al

The amount of casual fans who expect the bullpen to never give up a run is pretty close to 100%. 


0% is pretty close to 100% I guess.


(8/14/2013 08:23:00 PM) - Al

That sound you hear is the fan base falling in love with Scooter.

All he does is hit, but he reminds me a lot of my softball playing days, making a pump fake to get an out; even the way he tags the runner on an SB attempt, catches it and slaps the glove down on the bag, almost as if framing the pitch like Lucroy does so well. It gives the illusion the ball was there a half second before it was.

I was once told I made the best target ever for a pitcher to throw to 2B, and that my throws to 2B and 1B were nearly perfect...a 1B told me once he could just go to 1B, turn, and shut his eyes...that throw was always going to be chest high, right to the glove, every time. Basically, when you have to give 100% all the time just to be adequate, you learn to not throw the ball in the dirt. Juan Francisco can get away with that because he blasts HR's, but I couldn't.

This is why the braintrust has said numerous times he was an untouchable, and why the baseball people love him. He does the little things well. As I point out all the time, the big things are far more important, but little things are a bonus, and they do add up.


I'm glad, as I only can imagine "Middle Infielder" when I see this picture.


(8/15/2013 08:08:00 PM) - Al

Bianchi with a .203/.212 career line versus LHP. Only 70 PA's, so it might be a bit of a fluke, but his minor league numbers are awful as well. If he's going to possibly platoon with Scooter and back up SS, he needs to at least not be awful versus lefties.


Bianchi going .203/.212 in 70 ABs vs LHP is "awful"


But, Betancourt going .208/.232 in 327 ABs is "effective"


To put that abject stupidity in terms Al likes "we're in the best of hands"

Last edited by Timpranillo

(8/17/2013 05:31:00 PM) - Al


Funny how Japanese middle infielders struggle to make it in the US, while for the most part, others transition far better.


Excellent observations again by al.  Travis Takashi Ishikawa has been an excellent first baseman, recently picked up and playing for the Yankees every day.   Someday I will look up where in Japan he was raised.  I'm sure scads of successful first basemen who made the transition will come to mind in the coming days.  There are a bunch of third basemen too, just need to minute to think about who they are. Kenji Johjima is the only catcher I can think of, for the most part he transitioned well, until transitioning back to Japan.  The Japanese outfielders who transitioned are to many to name, guys like Tom Selleck, Ichiro  and Nyger Morgan. 


For the most part, al is dead on right in yet another baseball observation no one before him made.  It is what separates him from the casuals.

(9/04/2013 03:27:00 PM) - Al 

Pirates, Liriano go for first winning season since '92.--JS

Are we really this dense? While I suppose it is possible the Pirates could lose 20some games in a row, must we pretend this is still in doubt? They clinched a .500 record, to be realistic, about the middle of last month. 


Classic Al again.  

Facts are 100% accurate.  If the Pirate win tonight they will in fact assure themselves of first winning season.  

Strawman argument.  "Must we pretend this is still in doubt".  Umm, no one said it was in doubt.  Someone was stating a fact.  Period.  Next paragraph.  Of course no one would dispute that the Pirates will win at least one more game this season.  Not a single person.  But, typical Al fashion, he defeated the argument that no one made!  Good job Al!

Incorrect/Incomplete data to "prove his point".  No Al, they didn't realistically assure themselves of a winning season the middle of last month.  August 15th they had 71.  


Nice job Al!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

(9/03/2014 11:58:00 AM) - Al
Doug is nothing if not loaded with integrity and class. 

To be honest, I wish most fans were like that. The vast majority, Front Row Amy excluded, as she has been nothing but a bastion of positivity on her account, simply show no understanding of the game, and are, at best, the most casual of the casual fans.

Sadly, when the bandwagon fills up, it doesn't fill up with knowledgeable or the even keeled. Too bad, but it's the facts.


Oh Al.  Front Row Amy and Al have lots in common!   They are knowledgeable.  They are keeled fans.  And they both have huge boobs.  

(5/06/2015 09:05:00 PM) - Al

Wily Peralta is a career .108/.111 hitter.


The casuals that keep insisting he is a good hitter are proving why they are casuals. I'd call 'em clowns, but I wouldn't want to offend clowns.

Casuals get facts wrong!  Proves why they are casuals.  Sheesh.


(5/09/2015 05:53:00 PM) - Al


Maddon surprised Cubs last in defense: "Our 'd' has not been that bad. Physical errors, I don't care. Mental errors have been rare."


That's because they're not, they just have the most errors. That's akin to saying the guy with a .325 BA is the best hitter on the team and the guy with a .250BA and 15 HR's is the worst hitter on the team. It's actually quite embarrassing to ignore all the info available and use stats that haven't mattered since I was a kid.


Goodness, Robin Yount won a Gold Glove in 1982 and led the league in errors, so when you're using numbers that no one gave a damn about thirty plus years ago, it might be time to not use those numbers anymore.


Rafeal Ramirez led MLB in errors.  Oh, wait, surely my being a casual I didn't know he meant the AL when he said "league".  I'm such a casual.


Paul Molitor led the AL in errors.  What?  Ohhhh, surely my being a casual I must realize that in Al's world, generalizations like "he won a Gold Glove and led the league is errors", is simply a hyperbolic statement that supports is main premise that Errors are not a good stat (True!) and gold glove winners have had lots of errors.  


Dumb Casual I am.  Everyone else can and should be interpreted LITERALLY TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW, while Al can use generalizations and approximations to support his points.


Farking duh.  

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