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(8/21/2013 05:50:00 PM) - Al 


Traevon Jackson, Ben Brust, Josh Gasser, Sam Dekker, Frank Kaminsky are the starting five for the first exhibition in Canada.

As I expected, three guards. Those on the Badgers' boards who insist they won't use three guards despite the fact they did as recently as the year before last.

That's true.  I clearly remember 'those' people saying that UW would not use three guards a few years ago.  Once again, Al was right.  Once again, Al beat the **** out of an argument that no one has made.  Ever.  
I'm gonna play amateur futurist here and guess that putting 3 guards on the floor means that they'll probably shoot a reasonably high percentage of Al's.  
Al is en fuego today.  

(3/11/2015 12:32:00 PM) - Al 

I get mocked every year when I refer to the first two days of the NCAA Tournament "the best 36 hours of the year." 

I sent an email to the gal that makes some of my appointments yesterday saying I'll be off those days, as has been the case for just about all of the past decade. Hey, prioritize what you enjoy and go from there. I know one guy who drives over to the bar in Lambeau Field and watches the NFL draft every year. Good for him.


Yes, Al, I'm sure you are mocked endlessly for arguing that the best sports days of the year are the opening 2 days of the NCAA tourney.  NO ONE LIKES THOSE DAYS AT ALL!  NO ONE TAKES THOSE DAYS OFF OR GOES TO VEGAS OR WATCHES ONLINE IN THEIR OFFICE AND PRETENDS TO WORK.  YOU ARE SUCH A CONTRARIAN AL!  


Poor Al is the most persecuted man on Earth.  Just like Jesus.

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McDonalds needs to make Tourney McNuggets for the opening weekend only. 64 McNuggets for $20.00 on Thursday and Friday and 32 McNuggets for $10.00 on Saturday and Sunday but make those nuggets 1.7% smaller. Al would be in for 192 Tourney McNuggets on his own. 


Im sure Al has already presented this revenue recovery program to Mcdonalds because it will be warmer out. And then they mocked him. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015 

(3/15/2015 01:10:00 PM) - Al 


Every single bracket "expert" has the Badgers as a #1 seed, and the argument is still on if today's title game matters...many of us think the game will end too late for the committee to care, as they can't just change a 1 and 2 and be team from the same conference can meet until the Final Four, so "flipping" a 1 and 2 would mean changing every "pod" from top to bottom. 


I was unaware the selection committee capped each conference at 4 teams, just so they cannot possibly meet until the final 4.  al is my kind of expert.  

Originally Posted by El-Ka-Bong:

Sunday, March 15, 2015 

(3/15/2015 01:10:00 PM) - Al team from the same conference can meet until the Final Four


I was unaware the selection committee capped each conference at 4 teams, just so they cannot possibly meet until the final 4.  al is my kind of expert.  

 I think Al meant regional Semi-Finals, but what do I know. 

The lyrics give a description and backstory of Aqualung. He is described as a dirty, paedophilic, homeless man. This, however, is merely the view of average passerby. By viewing Aqualung as a disgusting paedophile, we can excuse ourselves with not helping him. In verse two and three, the truth of Aqualung is told. He is simply an old man, who is lonely, sick and in pain, whom nobody cares for.


As I stated earlier - Al is just like Jesus.


Turns out, he's just like Christian Laettner as well - a winner that is hated for being successful.


(3/16/2015 04:21:00 PM) - Al


Watched the 30 for 30 on Christian Laettner last night, and as one who always roots against Duke, just because they always win, I was very puzzled and a bit taken aback. I mean, guys that write books called "Duke Sucks" and wear Tshirts that say "I still hate Laettner" goodness, grow the hell up.


He was an outstanding college player, and like many top athletes, was not a really nice person. I still root against Duke, but have to admit they run a clean program and are a model program. (Ed - HAHAHAHAHA He thinks Duke is clean.  Yes, Al, every college student can buy $200K worth of jewelry.  Amazing how all those players parents find great jobs in Durham, huh?)  Is there a reason to strongly dislike him? I sure can't think of one.

The one thing I was most puzzled by was the way the show could not understand why all the Duke players and Laettner himself seemed to adore the fact they were despised, and they were always the biggest game on the opponent's schedule.


In one of my softball leagues years ago, we were the best team for several years running. We were also a very confident group, as we knew we were good, and expected to win. Most of my teams were either average or a bit below average. Some were pretty weak, made worse by the fact we did not play to win, if 14 people showed up, they extra 4 would play the 2nd half, often in place of our better starters. Often, we would play teams at the top of the league, and after three innings, it'd be 4-3, and I'd feel like we had a chance, and then they would have a 12 run inning. It was so much fun to be the team that was so good and so disliked.


Simply put, no one hates the mediocre. When someone goes out of their way to loathe you, you know you're really, really good and respected. It's really, really great.


Originally Posted by ChilliJon:

"if 14 people showed up, they extra 4 would play the 2nd half,"


National treasure. 


By the way, Laettner doc is probably in my top 5 30 for 30's. Outstanding. 

Stumbled upon it Sunday Night.  I know they re-show these quite frequently. Great piece. Laettner lives in my area, which is pretty small. but I've never bumped into him---don't know that he's the sort of guy that would want anybody to say "Hi".


I remember bumping into Mark Brunell at a copy place. I had my three-year-old  (at the time), say "Go Packers."---he was not amused.

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