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(10/29/2013 04:02:00 PM) - Al


Made my best NFL pick in ages last night. Took SL to beat SEA. The Seahawks were 13-14 point favorites, and I took the Rams not just to cover, but to win.
They didn't, but they had two plays from the one to do so. That's why you can't worry about the short term results. It was a very good pick, but it fell just short.

"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!"

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Idiotic bet. If you like the underdog to win, you don't ONLY bet the money line particularly when they're such a big underdog.

Case in point, January 1996. I bet the Packers vs. the Niners. They were +9.5 underdogs & +280 on the ML. I was certain they wouldn't lose by that much. You don't get a chance to bet a good team as such a huge underdog very often. So I took my shot.

$500 on the ML which pays $1,400 + $500 and $1,100 on the spread which pays $1,000 + $1,100

As we know the packers won handily. So I laid out $1,600 total & received $4,100 after the win.

My point is, had the Packers lost by 9 points or less. My line bet would've still cashed. To the tune of $2,100 returned to me. I still profit $500 even IF the Packers lost.

Never bet large without a "cover your ass" bet.

(11/11/2013 07:38:00 PM) - Al 

All but one of the ESPN guys picked the Bucs to win their first game tonight.

That goes against psychology. The Dolphins have heard all week about bad behavior of a player or two. They're on the road tonight, meaning they are getting a welcome respite from constant hometown complaining. I like MIA easily tonight. See if I overthought it or not.

EDIT: MIA did dominate much of the game, but came out very flat. 


This guy really knows his football.  And his psychology.  


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