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All over Facebook today are pics of people graduating high school

It's like celebrating not being arrested. Almost everyone graduates from high school, and if they do not, obtaining a GED is as simple as taking a short class at a tech school and passing a test that even people who don't graduate high school can pass.

Yet, we praise and salute them as if they cured cancer.

Way to go!! You did it!! Woo hoo!!

I'm always tempted to, you know, be truthful and type in "Congrats on the trivial accomplishment, Dakota," but I know it will be treated with the same disdain as the time I suggested that if the school suggests not toilet papering homes and trees, and explains that such behavior may result in a punishment; perhaps it would behoove youths not to take part in said behavior, and/or not be surprised when a punishment is handed out.

Since that went over like the proverbial fart in church, I decided silence is golden.

"Dad. I graduated high school. How'z about we celebrate by heading over to Golden Corral?"

"It's how about we celebrate, rambling son.....But yes. This is a fine reason to splurge on some seafood" 

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