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Are you like me?  Have you repeatedly and consistently talked up how "movies are dead" over the years?  Have you written articles for major publications predicting the end of the movie industry?  Are you interviewed on television regularly where you laugh in the faces of dumb sheeple telling them that their precious movies will be no more very soon?


Well, if you are one of tens of millions that like me are predicting the end of movies almost every day, Al Bethke has something to say about us.  


(2/16/2015 04:40:00 PM) - Al

Top twelve movies take in $204M over the three day weekend. Most since November, 2013.--Box Office Mojo


What? Movies have been pronounced dead so often in my lifetime, their continued success is all but guaranteed...because people are almost always incorrect. This is why I'm a contrarian, a capitalist, and a proud American. Because most people are too ignorant to get it.


In fifty years, I'm not even positive we'll still be taking our nutrients by mouth, but I guarantee you people will still be paying to watch some sort of large moving pictures with sound.

And the next time you read a piece on the end or death of movies, feel sorry for them, as you laugh at their ignorance.


Al sure puts us in our place here, doesn't he?  He cuts through the BS, and gets to the heart of the matter.  You ignorant people predicting the end of movies are not only wrong, you are also a socialist and you hate America.  Thank you Al for making me see the light.  I will stop predicting the end of the movie industry, because I don't want to be ignorant, I don't want to be socialist, and I sure don't want to hate America. 


Thank you Al Bethke.


/I'm well aware that no one has been predicting the end of movies and he's really tilting at windmills here.  But let's let Al have his rant guys.  It's all he has, really.  

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