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(2/18/2013 03:35:00 PM) - Al

As far as ads for dating sites go, Christian Mingle has by far the least attractive folks.

I'd almost be a catch on there.

Don't sell yourself short Judge, you're a tremendous slouch.

Aj McCarrons girlfriend started this morning with 562 followers... She now has over 70k.

No offense, but I can fall down on a college campus and land on a more attractive woman. Not saying she's not pretty (though long and lanky is not my type), it's just that she's in a tough age group.

If he fell down, I bet he'd land on at least 3 more attractive women! AMIRITE?
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(2/26/2013 01:50:00 PM) - Al

I just finished making a couple appointments for myself for tomorrow, so I decided to watch something on TV. All my Netflix DVD's are in transit, and the streaming options did not thrill me. I have a couple movies that have been on the DVR for a month plus, and I decided to watch Liz and Dick, a tale of Taylor and Burton, starring Lindsay Lohan. I'm ten minutes in, and Lohan has already looked stunning in two separate scenes. So sad such a gorgeous woman is so troubled.


Originally posted by El-Ka-Bong:
(2/23/2013 01:19:00 PM) - Al

The cashier at Wal Mart I had yesterday was cuter. What am I missing here?

not sure if al's standards are realy high or really low....

These beauties could squirt their milk on my 8-year-old bowl of Boo Berries anytime!

Hubba ****ing hubba. Way better than that pig Mila Kunis, and much closer to Mrs. Al anyway.

Who's in the mood for a donkey freedom burger?
Where do we start with this question?

I'll try to provide a complete perspective:

1. chickenboy's life coach
2. An accomplished blogger
3. A true Murcan
4. Lover of all things filled with fat and processed crap such as angel cake mix and aged Boo Berries.
5. Hater of skinny people
6. Amateur futurist
7. Hater of people from other countries
8. Hater of science and math
9. Insurance salesman for old people
10. A hater of that commie conspiracy that is higher education - only fools work to maximize their book lernin.

Others can add things I may have missed, as this is truly a multi-faceted, complicated person who likes his facts and his reality his way and his way only.

Finally, Al is someone who will never, EVER apologize for being patriotic.
You thought Hulk Hogan was "A Real American"?

Hulk Hogan is the love child of Kim Jong Un and Fidel Castro compared to Al.


11. Hangs around college campuses a lot.
12. Has an inner ear problem causing him to fall down often.
13. Coincidentally he often falls on top of co-eds while lurking on college campuses.
14. Has a fetish with Wal Mart Cashiers.
15. Only trusts legitimate media outlets, like "Pajamas Media".
16. Hates that Wisconsin fans don't appreciate Bo Ryan enough to his liking.
17. The absolute best debater of arguments no one has ever made.
18. World's biggest fan of "The Shark Tank" because FREE MARKETS.
19. Hates bones in his food.
20. Hates hyphens.
21. Thinks people complain about everything too much.
22. Likes horse meat. Without bones of course.
23. Thinks Donkey Burgers are awesome.
(3/27/2013 04:42:00 PM) - Al

I'm not sure why so many people ignore the simple fact STD's exist.

Lets put 20 seconds on the clock:

1) 2008 was before the "falling down on college campuses" epidemic started.
2) I want to know what al's browser history looks like
3) I can guess why Mrs. al has no idea STD's exist
4) this data makes it sound like going to college reduces the likelihood of getting and STD, betcha the old media won't report that.
4a) "the Onion" is the old media
5) was published in the March edition of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the journal of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association. a-w-e-s-o-m-e...
6) It also counted the number of infections rather than the number of people infected--recognizing that a single individual could have multiple infections. Al's face
7) Has anyone talked to Johnny Boy lately?
(4/13/2013 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Willow Palin is smart, employed, and now that she's legal, allow me to say, gorgeous.

Sarah is right, if not for the social atmosphere, college would be a complete waste for about 75%...unnecessary and a waste of time.



Oh, and just to review, Al and the Palins agree that edumucation is for commie idiots.