As seen from my window

Brazen little bastard:


Literally ten feet away, and apparently he has his den under the three-season room because he constantly escapes under those stairs.

Thankfully we only have weeds for him to eat instead of a luscious lawn. 


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Get a live animal trap and bait it with cantaloupe.   They can't resist it.  Don't let him stay there, he will do major damage to your foundation. I also had one crawl under the hood of my car and chewed the plug wires in half. Cost me $48.00 for a set for a Ford Escort.    And don't just let him loose somewhere. Kill them, they are a terrible pest. 

Listen to Ammo. They can do a lot more damage to buildings than you think. Lucky for us our dog doesn't like them either. Mr. QuietOne saw one the other day, down by our shed. It disappeared before he could get the gun. He jokingly told the dog she was slacking. Two days later she brought the corpse up to the house.

Can't shoot the woodchuck there anyway.  You want me to shoot into the house?  And if I try opening the window the damn thing runs back under the three-season room.

Unfortunately our dogs have to be kept on a leash lest they go chasing after something and disappear for hours. 

Well, Fedya, by now, if that's a female, you have more than just one under your three-season porch. You may have to get a professional out to take care of those buggers or they will take care of your porch/house!

Hi, BK!  We have more than one "option." Once, when I was home alone, I used a shotgun to "take care" of a raccoon trying to get into the hay barn (during the day*). I like shotguns. My aim doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. A .22 rifle has less kick but a person has to be much more careful because of it's range. Don't want the neighbor's buildings in the background! (Or the neighbor!) Now as for that Vikings thread...

*Raccoons out during the day are most likely sick with something.

As I said before, go to your local hardware store and buy a live cage trap. Bait it with either musk melon or green peas. You will catch him for sure.  him in the trap and go out in the country and dump him out. Looks like was what killed him.  Sure a live trap is about $20.00. A new foundation, $1,000' s.  What is the better option to you?   

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