Badgers at #10 in both the AP and the Coaches Poll.  Penn State in #12 in AP and #11 Coaches.  So if they can avoid a big blow out in the B1G Championship Game they should be Rose Bowl bound. 

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Good point.

There's definitely a bias against West of  the Mississippi teams though. I  have had the pleasure of watching Utah a bit----they have a running back who is only second to Sconnie's Taylor and a tight end that looks like the next Travis Kelce...good team.

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Not so sure about that. An 11-1 Oklahoma winning their conference championship game could bounce an 11-1 Ohio State that lost their championship game.

I personally think OSU will go to the playoffs even if they lose to UW.  I could also say the same thing for LSU if they lose to UGA in the $EC title game. 

I think the most likely thing would be for Oklahoma to move up to #4 after LSU beats Georgia.  I have watched a little bit of Utah this year and I tell you what that is a really good team and it would be a shame to see them left out.  IMHO I think this year is the perfect example of why the playoffs need to be 8 teams when you get very good teams like Utah being left out.

As for the Rose Bowl I think if UW gets smoked in Indy I fully expect PSU to get the bid to go to Pasadena.  The only way UW gets to go is if the game is really close and they don't drop more than 2 spots in the polls.

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