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The Bucks are 12-4 without Middleton, with Holiday missing games or being less than 100%, and with Giannis missing games, being dinged up, and cratering from the FT line.

Last year, the Bucks started much slower - at one point they were 6-8. They were missing Middleton and Holiday for some of those games as well, but had Giannis for most of them.

The difference between the 2021-22 and 2022-23 starts is Brook Lopez. He's only their 4 best player, but is just as irreplaceable in terms of what he does for their scheme as the Big 3. In fact, you could argue you are better off with 2 of the big 3 playing with Lopez than with all 3 playing without him.

Going into the year, I thought this would be his last year, but he's been their best player in many games this year. He leads the league in blocked shots and is 39 for 100 from three. He also is one of the only guys in the league that can handle (or at least slow down) Embiid one on one.

Lopez clearly has been a major factor in their hot start.  No question about it.   But I also don’t think he was healthy last year.  He looks about 10 years younger this season.  

Jevon Carter has also played very well all things considered.  

It’s pretty crazy to think they haven’t had Middleton at all and Holiday has missed half the games and even Giannis has missed a few (and a lot of FTs) and they are 12-4.

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