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Firefox is safe (safe being relative) but a PIA sometimes.  It's not as fast but it gives you much more in ways of security.  Brave is fine as far as I've heard but fuck ads.  i just don't see an upside to a browser with ads.  Not sure how that's secure.  Chrome, you might as well just hand in your frontal lobe and have Google installed in its place.

Everyone should have a GOOD/PROVEN VPN.  Here's a list of browsers.  

Simply put, this is America.  You have no privacy.  Masturbate and plot government overthrows with wild abandon you exibitionist.

You want a browser for your deep, dark secrets (naked lemur cabaret) use Tor and a VPN.

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Timmy! posted:

What can you ladies/gents tell me about this browser?

The + seems to be speed and privacy.
The - is it may come at the expense of having to view their own ads?

Good choice Tim,  get rid of those ads altogether, by default they are turned on, click on the settings in the top right corner of the browser,  icon_MM.png   click on Brave Rewards from the drop down menu. You may turn Ads on or off at any time in the Rewards Settings page.   you want to see some some real speed.                  Adspanelfinalfinal.png

some new improvements in widows 10, version 2004 


 We've updated the available kaomojis (first introduced in Windows 10, version 1903, and available via WIN+[period] or WIN+[semi-colon]) to include fan favorites like:

  • ใƒพ(โŒโ– _โ– )ใƒŽโ™ช
  • แƒš(โ•นโ—กโ•นแƒš)
  • (โŠ™_โ—Ž)
  • ( อก~ อœส– อกยฐ)
  • เฒ _เฒฐเณƒ
  • (โˆฉ^o^)โŠƒโ”โ˜†
  • /แ ๏ฝก๊žˆ๏ฝกแŸ\
  • And more! Enjoy (โยดโ—ก`โ)


even a Fedya button:

Bluetooth pairing experience:

A Dismiss button has been added to Bluetooth notifications, giving you more control when using Swift Pair.

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