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Wow.  Yes.   Good catch.   It does seem like there was some dyslexia issues:

2012:     δΈ€εƒι›ΆδΈ€εδΊŒ

 2021:    δΈ€εƒι›ΆδΊŒεδΈ€

 They were just  δΉ  years off....and....their calendar was similar, too.   Weird, huh?

Scholars note that other similarities include the ancient Mayan calendar and the portion of the traditional Chinese calendar.

@Hungry5 posted:

Good night Irene. 


If baseball is to have any semblance of a season (doubtful at this point), they have to go into some type of bubble. One way to do it would be to isolate each of the divisions into six separate isolated bubbles and just play games against your own division. Then come up with some kind of round-robin playoff system for the six division winners. 

The NBA is so far ahead of the NFL and MLB on this stuff.  Granted, the NFL has the biggest challenge because they can't play more than once a week and compress the schedule, but MLB could have come up with more creative ways to do this. 

MLB has a storied history of fucking things up.  When I heard Marlins played were allowed to play while waiting for their test results that told me all I need to know about how inept they are. 

There’s a lag factor in all of this as well so you will have more players testing positive the next week or so.  It’s inevitable given how badly they have screwed things up. 

The bubble is the only way for sports to work but with roster sizes in baseball and football I’m not sure even that would work. 

By the way, I’m not sure MLB has a problem shutting things down anyway. 

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