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Brewers trade Hunter Renfroe for some prospects.

The Los Angeles Angels acquired outfielder Hunter Renfroe from Milwaukee for pitchers Janson Junk, Elvis Peguero and Adam Seminaris, the teams announced. Renfroe, 30, is in his final year of arbitration and reaches free agency after 2023 season but is another upgrade for Angels.
Wong is rumored to be going to the Mariners. It looks like they are shedding payroll as fast as possible.
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Letting Renfroe or Wong (or both) move on or dealing them makes a lot more sense than letting proven, consistent guys like Box or Suter walk for basically nothing.

Still, Renfroe in particular was pretty solid offensively and it’s not like he’s 40 years old.

I get that several players are due a raise this year but JFC do you want to compete or win the balance sheet?  

With some of the apparent talent in AAA they can do both.                                         

You seemed to have missed your life's calling. You should have applied for the Brewers GM job when Stearns stepped down. You have all the answers.   Just open up the checkbook ala the Yankees and Dodgers.   And what did they win this past season? 

Gee, I forgot what the Astros and Braves have done recently.  They aren’t spending like the Yankees but they are spending.   What a novel concept. You own a professional team.  Spend some fucking money or sell the goddamn franchise.  

By the way, I wanted them to keep Stearns but apparently Mark A doesn’t want to pay non players either.  The good news is Matt Arnold has the act down being a complete slappy for the owner.  Good luck at trying to be half as successful as Stearns at building a competitive roster with both hands tied behind your back.

Can’t wait for the next decade of Brewers baseball.  Any time Lasry and Edens want to buy out Attanasio I’m all for it.  At least they act like real owners.  

If you are a Brewers fan you have a right to be pissed off. They will gladly take your money and make little to no real effort to win.  Just wait until they don’t get to pad their record with the Pirates and Reds and Cubs starting this year.  The change in scheduling means the sledding just got a lot more difficult for teams that aren’t serious about winning (ie Brewers).  Maybe that’s why they are tearing it down.

Or maybe Mark A just decided he’d rather have a payroll around 100M instead of almost 130M this past year.  Expected raises for Woodruff and Burnes and Tellez and Adames will get them there assuming they dump Wong and Renfroe.  Lauer might be next as well.  

If you are going to blow it up blow it up. Trade Woodruff and Burnes today to get maximum value.  Don’t fuck around and pretend they can compete otherwise.  

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