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If you want to see what complete domination looks like, here's a highlight reel of all of Giannis' 18 field goals last night.

The last half of these or so are followed by Blazers players shaking their heads, shrugging, or just acted deflated because there is literally nothing they can do to stop him. 20 foot jump shots, fingers rolls, dunks, put-backs, spin moves, lobs for easy FGs, catching baseball passes in stride for dunks, up-and-unders, it was all on display. The only shots he missed were three 3 point attempts (one was a quick 3 he took to get a 2 for one at the end of the first half). Even those shots looked online. 11 for 13 from the line. On defense, he had three blocks. Two of those were ones where he just engulfed the shot with two hands.

Last night was the closest you'll see to what Chamberlain must have been like in his prime (except that Giannis hit his FTs). That was a very good team playing at home at full strength with a decent defender on him (Covington). When he got switched onto anyone else, they were helpless. You almost felt sorry for Nurkic and Carmelo in that situation.  Per ESPN, he tied Chamberlain's NBA record for most FG attempts inside the 3-point line without a miss.

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It just goes to show how stupid the league experts are to crown the Nets in the East.

Portland is a decent team and playing at home they are tough to beat.  Yet the Bucks blew them out.  The Blazers made 21 3s and as MP2 stated they have an elite defender in Covington and it made zero difference.

This is why the Bucks are going to be a tough out.  Very few teams have players that can stop or slow down Giannis and of those teams (namely Toronto and Miami) I donโ€™t think they can beat the Bucks in a long series.  Holiday just makes such a big difference in that last year you didnโ€™t have to cover Bledsoe at all.  That extra defender could roam the paint or harass Middleton.  Now?  You sag off Holiday and he will make you pay.

Yes the Nets can score in bunches and the Sixers have a good 3 headed monster.  But when Giannis is playing his A game Iโ€™m not sure any team can beat Milwaukee.  And letโ€™s not forget this is an elite level defensive team as well and we havenโ€™t really seen Tucker yet.  

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