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Giannis looked really good from the line I thought.

He started 5 for 10, but hit his last 2 late in the 4th quarter.  7-12 still leaves for room for improvement, but if this is a "poor" game from the line from him going forward, he's in good shape. Mix a few 10-13 or 12-15 type games in with this and you start to get up towards the 70-75% that he needs to be at. 

If this is still the norm, then we'll see a lot of hack-a-Giannis in the playoffs. 

While Stevens is a good coach and they have some decent players I donโ€™t think they have the offensive firepower to beat Milwaukee consistently over a longer series.  I also think not having Bledsoe or Marvin Williams defensively In that game made a difference. 

One important development though is with Indiana winning last night it makes it more and more likely of a Boston/Philly first round series.   That means one of the two teams wonโ€™t make it into the second round and that helps the Bucks IMO.  With no home court advantage it helps the Sixers especially but having to get by Boston in round 1 wonโ€™t be easy. 

The team to watch out for may still be Toronto.  They beat the Lakers by 15 and what worries me is they have shooters that can get hot and thatโ€™s the one way to beat Milwaukee as they will sacrifice 3 point shots (defensively) in lieu of defending the interior.  I think the Bucks are better this year defending the perimeter but are still susceptible to giving up a lot of 3pt shots.

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