Glad to see Iverson packing his whole career into the second half of his senior year.  Good for him, 

Am I the only one who just wants Davidson to drive and try to get the shot up rather than trying to create contact for an and 1?  

Never said I hated him. He’s just not a good coach. I think the program should aim higher. The Big Ten is down this year and they had a good season. But you cannot watch this team and say “what great basketball they play”. And I was the first guy to carry the water for Bo Ryan. 

But you put the Bo Ryan system and add a mediocre coach (with strong recruiting) and you get this shit show. It’s ugly ass basketball and the program should strive for better.   

Did you watch the game today? They are getting better. They are playing better as a team.

I’m no expert on the coaching intricacies, but the coach can only do so much. At some point it is on the players. And yeah, they are kids. What I’m seeing right now are kids learning to play together as a team. 

I heard your arguments about the guard situation at Wisconsin. You make some valid points, but don’t get stuck on them. Things can change. In fact, I think they are.

Look at how the Badgers came out in the second half. They were clicking. They were a well-oiled machine. Now look at how they seem to always come out after the break and play better. That looks like good coaching to me.

This team can make a run. Like Pikes said, if Iverson keeps this up, teams can’t just focus on Happ. And yes, Davison and Trice have to make some outside shots (and Pritzl, King and Ford off the bench). The coach can’t make those shots himself.

If you believe they can make a run based on anything they’ve shown, then you are seeing what you want to see. Sure, they came out hot and hit 7/8 shots and got a lead... then what did they do? Pissed that lead away in the final 3 minutes against a bad team that isn’t going anywhere. Came apart offensively (again) and damned near lost the game. 

I’m happy to agree to disagree on this... I don’t believe Gard should be the coach. He’s done nothing to sway that belief despite the fact that they’re back to winning this season. I think the program will suffer from mediocrity as long as he’s the coach. 

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