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crap, just heard a little something about Kobe King not traveling with the team to Iowa.  He’s not happy with how the direction of the team is going???  Anyone hear that???  Our sports guy just said this and that Kobe didn’t go to Iowa due to personal reasons.  

 “Kobe King will not participate in tonight’s game. He is attending to a personal matter and did not make the trip to Iowa City.”     This statement was on the Badgers page.

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And then Davidson picks up one of his classic hook calls on a flagrant foul to essentially end the game. 

If he didn't play for the Badgers, we'd think he was one of the dirtiest players in the Big 10. 

A 21-2 run to end the game. Lose by 7. 

Just pathetic offense. Gard doesn't even run plays. Just hold the ball until 5 seconds left on the shot clock and then drive. 

Maybe they'll get to host an NIT game. 

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