Sounds like Shaw was told he is out for the entire series. All lefties scheduled for the Cubs ..... and he is hopeless right now. 

Didn't think too much of the Gio signing at the time, but it looks like he's got some life left. Really pitching well so far.

7-0 Win. Nice start to the weekend !! 

F the Cubs !! 

Fat Albers will get one more chance, pitch well which means he gets 3 more chances to blow games.  The way the Brewers send other pitchers up and down I just don't get why Albers is still around.   What does he know and why does he know it?    

I thought for sure this would be the start that Zach Davies would "regress to the mean" so to speak.  In other words, he's been so good far I was expecting him to be due for a rough outing that would happen today.  Good for Zach that he pitched another very strong outing.  It's too bad it was wasted.

It really is crazy how bad Shaw and Aguilar have been this year.  A couple of years ago they looked like absolute steal pickups.  Now, they look like the worst guys in the league at their respective positions.  


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