Dolphins' OL coach resigns....

I'll never understand how people let someone else video/film/photo them doing something....illicit.  
How can they possibly think that will ever end well? 
Have people became that much more stupid since the invention of the cell phone?

I'm reminded of the young thugs that post pictures on the innerwebs of themselves with their firearms, and later committing a crime with...that same firearm. It's like they're doing the police work beforehand. 
Am I missing something? 

my advice to wifey - GET OUT!

Gase said that Foerster, who is married and has three children, is “disappointed, upset, mad at himself.”

Foerster and his wife Michelle, who is a pediatric nurse and studied addiction at St. Petersburg College according to her LinkedIn profile, have been married since 1985.

According to documents from the Internal Revenue Service, Foerster and his wife, who filed their taxes jointly last year, owe the IRS $591,397.51 in unpaid taxes going back to 2012.

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