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I seriously have no idea what constitutes a monopoly if it isn't a scumbag company like Facebook.  For fuck sakes, they control huge swathes of the internet in developing countries. 

Add in the fact it is the greatest propaganda tool ever and I'm not only for breaking up big tech companies but modifying section 230 and revisit it every few years to adjust as needed.  Blanket immunity is not working for companies that only care about profit. 

If I hear "slippery slope" you better realize we're already hurtling down the damn cliff.

This goes double for the proverbial war profiteers like Facebook, other social media and "news" outlets that can't figure out basic standards in supporting an open society and fighting against the elements that are actively if not daily destroying what's left of this republic. 

@H5 posted:

FB shouldn't be saved. While there may be a market for some of what FB provides, I wouldn't be in that market.

Elizabeth Haugen absurdly stated Facebook shouldn't be broken up, it just needs to be nicer.

That is some pollyanna bullshit.

If Facebook market place is a legit business entity, it needs to be broken off and run just like businesses on main street.

Politics and general filth needs to be broken off and liable for slander and misinformation.

This is just for starters.  All outlets like Twitter, etc. need the same treatment.

You want to share puppies, kitties and babies you have an actual social media segment that is properly moderated.

These fuckers have been making absurd amounts of money setting up what is no less than a private surveillance state with zero fucking consequences.

Time to pay the piper.  You want to make money off spurring civil unrest, there needs to be criminal charges and heavy levies.

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