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My 6-7 year old Netgear R6300 v2 started having issues with the 5 GHz band. Constantly dropping connections. 2.4 GHz still very solid.

Google Nest WiFi is a mesh wifi. Updated version of older Google Wifi

Black Friday deal on router & point covers up to 3,800 sq ft. Normal price almost $300 incl. Tax. BF Deal? I got mine for $150 incl. Tax & shipped.

Not much to it....(2) devices with AC plugs & a short ethernet cable. Point has a mic on it for using "Hey Google" more on that in a bit. Router has only 1 LAN port so no Link Aggregation (which you'll need if you have Gig connection)

Use Google Home to setup.  Scan QR code on device - Found device fairly easy using my Android phone (no iPhone to test but I'm sure it will be fine.)

Had to reboot cable modem, connected to internet -- name your network, set a password & boom all is well. Fairly easy setup surprisingly.

The router handles 5 GHz traffic & 2.4 GHz traffic all by itself using the same SSID. I have devices that only work on 2.4 GHz (PS 4, Harmony Hub for universal remote & 4 Sonos One speakers & wireless 🖨️)

Performed a speed test.


I have Xfinity Extreme+ service 600 MB Down -- just 1 step below Gig.....and that speed test was on my new Pixel 5 phone. Jaw dropping for a phone.

Setup point -- ultra easy all wirelessly.

Last is voice imprint -- say 4 different phrases & now it knows your voice for personalized commands. Also a hardware switch on point to shut off mic for privacy if you like.

You can also setup apps & TV or other devices to launch using your voice. I personally skipped most & you can setup later if you like. I did setup SiriusXM so I can tell Google to play Wayne & Larry on game day.

LMK if you have any questions.



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5-6 Days in now & GN WiFi is working flawlessly. Really happy with it. Even have voice commands to my electric car.

Hey Google, Talk to EV Car....


Get climate status.

"The temperature in your car is 35 degrees"

Turn climate on & set temperature to 72.

"Climate turned on & setting temperature to 72. Anything else I can help you with?"


So convenient

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