Great fishing!

I’ve had 3 of my best-ever fly fishing trips in the last 12 months.  Check out these pics:

14-pound Lahontan cutthroat trout last week, Pyramid lake.


8-pound Cutbow (rainbow/cutthroat hybrid) October 2018


17 pound steelhead, Feb. 2017


Another Steelie





Please add your own fishing pics.  I’d love to see them!

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Blair, I haven't kept fish in over 25 years now.   I'm a catch and release guy.  I've seen what C&R can do to keep big fish in waters that would otherwise just hold 12" planters.

Not that there's anything wrong with harvesting fish though.  I fact, here in Idaho Fish & Game is asking anglers to kill rainbows caught in the South fork of the Snake, as they're negatively impacting the native cutthroat trout.  But in general I much prefer wild native trout to hatchery fish, and C&R is a great tool in those fisheries.

No, none of those were caught on dry flies, unfortunately.   But I do love catching them on top!  All caught here in Idaho except the 1st one, which was a 14-pound Lahontan cutthroat from Pyramid lake in Nevada.

The last 7 months have been crazy.  Between my heart attack and a serious pulmonary embolism, I could have easily died.  I'd call that bad news. But on the plus size, I have caught some pretty fine trout!  And I tell my wife I'm still "dead sexy."   Unfortunately, she just laughs when I say that.  :-/


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