Gronks vs Broncs game thread

...because it's football.

...because Martellus Bennett has come back from the dead.

... because we'd all like to send him back to where he came from.

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Bennett looked just fine there. Much faster than he was in Green Bay.

Wonder if he slept in the lockerroom at Foxborough.

Dick. He was going to have season ending shoulder surgery. What a miraculous recovery. And amazing that the Pats knew about the miracle.

F you, Bennett and New England

Well Bennet will be on a team that goes deep into the playoffs as much as that upsets me. Not Bennet but the stinking Patriots. The reason why NFL ratings are down is because of sucky competition like this crap on TV. Who wants to stay up late on a work night for this garbage? Too many NFL games are just non competitive suck games.  Perhaps the season should be cut down by 1/3 and the play-off season expanded and only let the top 1/2 of the league play down the stretch with pay checks tied to total games played (regular season plus playoff). Cut some of the $$ from owners, GM's, coaches and players and I wonder if the game becomes more competitive. 

He should pay attention to Tony Romo. As goofy as he is, he at least talks football. The banter between Collinsworth and Michaels is not much different than listening to my mothers lady's guild at church.

As for the game - what a pig stinking product the NFL put on display tonight, and in fact much of the day. When does mediocrity get punished?

Did Brady do anything amazing or did he just stand in a clean pocket and play back yard toss with wide open receivers. Hats off to Belicheck for beating everyone simply on the merits of preparation. This is the greatest case that players are not the issue in the NFL but poor team management and coaching is the source of mediocrity and pig stinking products on the field.

He isn't doing anything special. He is very well prepared and the team is trained to scheme to their opponents each week. The Patriots actually game plan versus running out the same schemes every week with the arrogance that it can't be stopped. See just about any other NFL team including the Packers on this last bit. Brady's skill as with most of the rest of the team is preparation that allows them to dictate match-ups. He knows where he is throwing the ball nearly 100% of the time before it is snapped. There is no decision making or read progression once snapped, he just tosses the ball to open receivers. His ball throwing skills are NFL average. His mobility is non-existent. When he misses time (Cassell replacement season or 4 game cheating suspension) the team hardly looks like it misses him. This is coaching more than Brady. The media is slobbering over his deep ball but it is thrown, albeit accurately, with below average velocity and more air under it than most NFL QB's. Yes - I hate the Patriots and living in NE with a bunch of uninformed fans that have penis envy over New York City and it's teams makes it all the much worse.

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