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I doubt that Stearns was getting wobbly kneed with Hader's recent performance, (he had a mid season slump last year too IIRC), but rather maximizing his trade value.  Hader was likely to be lost to the Crew in free agency after next season, so by trading him now SD gets another full year of control rather than a stretch run rental.

It will be interesting to see how they slot the late inning relievers now.

While I hate to see Hader go watching him was a little like watching Favre.   You never knew when the roof was falling in, especially lately.  Ruiz is a interesting prospect.   He has hit for .300 or better in most of his minor league career.   He is very fast with  60 stolen bases this season in AA and AAA.  he was only thrown out  9 times.   

Gasser has struck out 115 and walked just 28 in 90β…“ innings at High-A, where he's pitching his first full season after San Diego selected him in the second round of the 2021 draft.   Hard to have enough young arms.

Maybe Chris Hook can get Rogers back on track and he will assume the Williams role for a while or be a second option if Williams has pitched 2-3 days in a row. 

I just have a feeling Haders best years are now behind him.  You all know how fast relievers can lose it.

I think Stearns is one of the best or maybe the best young mind in baseball.  I put my trust in him as he seems to know what he is doing and works well with Anatasio.   When you are the smallest market in MLB you need to be looking 3-5 years down the road, not just this and next year.   Hader was going to be cost prohibitive in 2024 if he keeps pitching as well as he has.  Or he will be blown out and not worth having.

Hader may be enough to put the Padres over the top, but I don't think he was going to do that for the Brewers (they just don't have a stud hitter). I don't think they lose that much going from Boxberger-Williams-Hader to X-Boxberger-Williams. It's really about who they can find to soak up outs in the 7th inning and with Peralta coming back soon, it opens up a few more options there.

The trade will make the Brewers a lot better in 2024-2026. However, the trade return didn't do anything to address their biggest need this year which is to get an impact bat. They have a lot of B level hitters, but no one that you feel you have to pitch around constantly. Maybe there is another move coming where they package some of these Padres players with other pieces and get a hitter?

Bush and Rogers are likely to be the 7th inning guys.

SP: Burnes, Woodruff, Peralta, Lauer, Ashby

Middle/Long Relief: Suter, Milner, Gott, Gustave, McGee

7th-8th inning: Boxberger, Rogers

Closer: Williams

As deep a pitching staff as the Brewers might have ever had even without the top-end talent of Hader. But if they make the playoffs, they'll likely have to win a lot of low-scoring games. They do have 11 guys with between 7 and 20 HRs right now, but only have one hitter with an OPS of better than 780 which is Renfroe and he would only be the 30th best OPS in the league if he had enough at-bats. Tellez is next at 59th in the league.

On the plus side, there are no Jackie Bradley Jr. or 2022 Lorenzo Cain free outs in the lineup. On the minus side, there is no all-star level player that makes anyone else better like 2018-19 Yelich that makes the guys ahead of him get better pitches to hit in order to avoid having guys on base when he comes to bat.

Maybe there wasn't a bat that was practical to get that was out there, but it was a little underwhelming that they couldn't move Hader for someone that could have provided the help they needed for 2022.

This makes the Hader trade even more of a head scratcher.  I get they are hoping/planning that he'll end up in AAA, but looks like he was just a throw in.

The Brewers designated Lamet for assignment Wednesday, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

One of four players the Brewers received in return for closer Josh Hader in Monday's deal with the Padres, Lamet will be moved off the 40-man roster without having ever appeared for Milwaukee. According to Adam McCalvy of, general manager David Stearns said that while the Brewers liked Lamet's live arm and strong prior track record of experience at the MLB level, finding a spot for him in the bullpen became too challenging in the wake of Tuesday's trade deadline. Lamet is under contract for $4.78 million in 2022, so the Brewers are hoping that salary may be enough to deter another team from claiming the right-hander off waivers, which would allow him to remain in the farm system at Triple-A Nashville.

It’s no head scratcher at all

Given arbitration status, this team and ownership was not going to pay him 15M range next year.  Trading him was a foregone conclusion.

The missed opportunity was trading him last year or in offseason when his value was higher.  

Still, if that’s your business model (win but as modest payroll) you have to make that move.  In the meantime, San Diego is going to benefit.

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