Happy FAT Tuesday pre Valentine Day

Making Sarge a Low Carb oysters Rockefeller with pork rinds replacing bread crumbs.  She will likely be hotter than normal as I picked up a fresh box of Franzia Crisp White sell by May 28, 2018.


How many of you guys wear a necklace today?

How many of you guys wear them everyday??

Green an Gold are very fashionable. 

Short Member.

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Wife wants steak, so she gets steak.  Coffee rubbed rib eye, should warm up enough to get the grill cover off.  Also going to grill ginger/soy carrots and potato planks.  

No necklace, but the fancy (clean) underwear will be worn  

What does FAT stand for?  

Faithful, Available, & Trainable?  

For All Trolls?

Fine Atalian Truffles?  

Forward Attractive Thinkers got to know.  

BTW, no  neck wear for me.  However, I wear green & gold stuff all the time.  I told one of my grandson's I would take him to a Packer game if he learned how to tie his shoes.  He is a Packer fan too.  So Saturday night he told me "I learned to tie my shoes - so order those tickets".  Of course his brother will want to come.  Mom is a Packer fan - we brought her up right.  Now all we need are some games to go to.  HVD!

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