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Looking to see a Bills win.  F the Lions! They can have the better draft pick as there's a good chance they'll fumble it anyway.

Come on Giants.  Be the Cowpokes.  Run the football down their throats.  And please don't turn the ball over Danny.

Pats hopefully will give Cousins some fits.  Good test for both teams.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone - all 18 of you - if I counted right. 

Our celebration of the day will be on Sunday.  That way all of my kids and their families can come.  My wife and I have spent the day decorating for Christmas. 

Giants lose to Dallas

Packers beat Dallas

So how did the Packers lose to the Giants?

Just wondering if there are any theories out there in X4 land. 

Good games today. Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well!!!

Unrelated question....Do you ever wish you had the type of mom who you could walk home and share a bottle of Crowne Royal with like in that one commercial? I'm always like, would that be cool or would that mean my Mom is an alcoholic who taught me how to drink partly because I never had a strong role model in my life?

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Happy thanksgiving to all my times 4 friends

The happy juice must be kicking in because I read, β€œHappy Thanksgiving to all 4 of my friends.”…and I thought, β€œHey, that guy only has four friends too…well, four counting my dog.”

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!