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I have been subscribing to HBO for about four years. Before switching my provider from FIOS (damned Verizon sold to Frontier Communication, and everything went to crap) to DirectTV, I had it in glorious 1080P, saved on my DVR. But there was no way to make a copy from it to a blu-ray disc. 

Anybody know where I can get a copy of this in high def? ESPN has replayed basically the same thing as "A Football Life: Vince Lombardi"; I believe HBO and NFL Films partnered for the doc. It's out there, but it's pretty bad quality. If HBO or NFL Films ever sold the danged thing, I'd pay for it. But they don't. Of course, the NFL licensed out to a company that felt the Packers 2010 season highlight disc didn't need a release on blu-ray, either, though all the other post season editions for the three seasons before, and every one since, have been. 

If any of you guys have a lead on where I could get one-even 720P is fine-I'd appreciate it. I watched this thing constantly, and now I'm really missing it. I've got HBO's docs on Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle still saved, and I own the Yankees three pack of DiMaggio, Ruth and Mantle on DVD. 



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bvan posted:

HBO did one called "Lombardi" in 2010.
I received a regular DVD for furnishing HBO with the Paul Harvey audio.

That and A Football Life are the same doc. Liev Schreiber provides the voice of Lombardi, and there's another guy that does the narration. Lombardi first appeared on HBO, then started showing up on ESPN, and, I would assume, the NFL Network. It covers Lombardi's entire life, his time coaching St. Cecilia, Fordham, West Point under Red Blaik, and being the D Coordinator with the Giants prior to taking over in Green Bay. Incredibly well done. The definitive documentary on Lombardi, imho. A must see for any Packer fan.

Why they don't sell it escapes me. 

When you consider that Lombardi only lived to age 57, you almost feel like mankind got cheated a little bit as he could have accomplished even more than he did.   That guy could have run for President of the U.S. if he wanted to, and he probably could have been a darn good one if he would have stayed alive and chosen politics when his coaching career was over. 

He had the toughness needed to be in charge, but he also had a kind and empathetic side to balance it out.  That combination is something a number of presidents in our past have lacked.  If Ronald Reagan could go from actor to president, I think the finest football coach that ever lived could likely handled that position as well.

BartManDude posted:

how the hell is it that there isn't a Bart Starr football life?


It seems there's a vast body of footage about Starr on and off the field, and a wealth of interview footage over the years. He wasn't the greatest head coach (my memories of his time as the Packer skipper are foggy now, years later), but I'd be interested to learn more about how he took to the position having played for Lombardi. How much input did he have in draft decisions, etc. 

Honestly, I would watch video of Bart Starr reading cooking recipes for two hours, and be completely enthralled the entire time. There are very few people I would say I actually "loved" outside of my own family, especially men. A few fathers of best friends that have served as second and third father figures that helped to mold me into the person I am today. I have no problem at all saying I love Bart Starr. He is not only a link to our glorious Packer past, he is the living embodiment of everything the franchise stands for. Win or lose, he's about as classy an athlete as has ever walked the Earth. God willing, he will be around for many more years. No more health issues, I pray. 

ammo posted:

Why not skip the video and read When Pride Still Mattered by David Mariness.  It will tell you more about Lombardi than any video will. 

I'll read that, too. It's on my Kindle Christmas list. I like the doc because I'm a visual guy. I love to read, and learn, but I like seeing the things I'm reading about even more.

It's a hell of a lot of fun watching Jerry Kramer pull on a lead block on the power sweep, or seeing Paul Hornung burst to daylight. Seeing Bart toss one fownfield to Boyd Dowler, or seeing Nitschke knock somebody on their arse. I live for that stuff! Since I wasn't alive to see the Lombardi Packers first hand, I have to live the glory days this way. 

There's time for everything Lombardi or Packer related. 

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