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...because the debate might be more fun than watching an entire Giants game.

...because if one of you rubes talks politics, I’ll delete the whole damn thread.

...because don’t you wish we could delete Fedya’s threads?

I’m a highly successful business owner with a smokeshow wife. 

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Football until 8:00, debate to see how each react to being muted.  Maybe back to football during certain topics, back to debate.  World Series, who gives a shit as long as the Dodgers lose.

Right now, Philly would be no match for the Pack.  Get Ertz, Goedert, Reagor, Jeffrey, Sanders, and 2 or 3 of their starting O-Linemen back from injury and they would be a tough out.  Wentz is making chicken salad out of chicken s*!t right now.  He really made some great throws.  I would not look forward to facing him  with more of his weapons and O-Linemen healthy. 

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