Isn't there going to be a pluses and minuses thread??


Hundley with an “I got this” 4th quarter. He needed to be good the last 15 minutes. He was. 

Clay and Perry. 

Biegel just destroying Bear G followed by said G getting all sad and angry. 


Jamaal Williams. GB might not win this game if not for him. 

Bears. They still suck. 

Fox’ challenge then the look on his face after the reversal. All timer. 


Bears WR’s were wide open on their final drive. Can’t play soft zone and have recievers running free 20 yards downfield. Soft zone doesn’t work like that. 

Injuries. Again. 

Delay of game / combo time out cluster **** at the two minute warning. Mike has to be a better set of backup eyes there for his QB. Especially after the way Hundley handled the clock at the end of the first quarter. 


+ A win

++ A win over the Bears

+ Hundley made a couple of nice plays

+ WR's stepped up and made some nice plays

- Hundley still made plenty of bad plays below expectations of experience with the QB Whisperer

- The Bears make Dom look OK

- Had to follow most of game on NFL Red Zone and most of NFL Red Zone was void of this game for good reason



GBFanForLife posted:

There has to be a lot of crow being served tonight

For what? That 4-12 "prediction"? 

The defense coaching still sucks. Special teams very blah. Hundley is a career backup at best. His best play from what I've seen is the 3rd & 10 bomb to Adams where he dropped it in the bucket. Only took him 4 games to do it. Not bad....not bad at all! Even Case Keenum is a better QB.

MM and his offense is still good. Good job by MM. He needs to get rid of Dom or it will be his downfall. 


Win against the Bears

Williams Ran hard and kept the team in manageable down and distance.

Hundley  Made a couple of plays to win it that I didn't think he was capable of. Still a work in progress with a long way to go.


The game management just prior to the long pass to Adams was a mess they need to clean up.

Receivers running free most of the day and a better QB would have made them pay.

Some good on ST returns, but the penalties remain and the botched hold on the FG could have been disastrous.

Injuries, but sounds like they're not overly concerned with Hundley's.


WIlliams ran hard.  I like the combo of him and Jones if Jones can see the sunrise tomorrow.  

I thought McStupidface called a good offensive game...except for the wildcat.  That might have been his adjustment to Jones going down (I hope) and not the actual game plan.  

Some quality individual efforts from defensive players, except Clay, he didn't have 7 sacks.  

My only minus is a big one.  How the living **** can you not run at least one Janis! jet sweep against this defense.  


2-0 against the Bears-the season is a success. We remain bad enough that Fox won't have Aikman and Buck do Packer games.

It looked like a 1970s game with Brockington, Lane and Hunter-I loved that...our defense has some players- a great coordinator could do something with them. Tribiski will improve, but I can't believe he will ever reach greatness-the Bears could be saddled with another just okay QB for the next decade. I overestimated Hundley's ability, but he obviously has a hamstring issue and he played  well with it. 


I was going to go to the game, but got too lazy. The injuries to the RBs -although Williams and Ripkowski will do.  I know it's raining, but that  last Field goal miss was the thing of nightmares---who doesn't make sure they  have an adequate snapper and holder?  The Packers replay team is the worst in all of football.  Why weren't they throwing the red flag on the touchback? and of course the officiating---we mostly benefited from it--but that crew sucked and is emblematic of the worst problem in the NFL--Clark's holding penalty helped the Bears score---terrible call.

++ King and Jones look like keepers. MM called a good game for the most part. I think the light bulb finally started to turn on for Hundley in the fourth. Williams. Perry. Rip sighting -- thought he might still be in the doghouse from last year's NFC Champ game fumble.

-- Dom, dom, dom: A better QB ties that game easily with that kind of soft zone crap. Hundley imitating a deer in headlights in the first three Qs. Queens won on Washington's ineptness.

It's a win, and we'll take it. It's against the Bears, and that's even better!

Hundley is what he is- average. Average beats the Bears- a bad team. He missed a lot of reads, and he throws the ball late, inaccurate, and often questionably. 

Defense was the same as they have been- they actually had a couple coverage sacks, but this is against a rookie QB who was at times struggling to see the field himself. A more experienced QB beats them today. 

So cool... 5-11. Yay. 

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