Besides Sam Dekker and maybe Koenig, which big time recruit has ever chosen Madison? It just have never happened and it will never happen with the style of play and the lack of shoe money thrown at the kid.

Johnson certainly entertained the idea, but he knew that one and done in Madison wasn't going to help his cause. Players like him need to be showcased in an NBA style, up and down, fast paced system. The Pros want to see scoring and flash.

And the kid wants to see $$$$. I know for a fact that schools like UK, Louisville, Duke, UNC get kids/family money when they sign. They have a pipeline of the best kids coming out who come for a yr and leave.  The kids are not looking for an education. They aren't looking to develop. They are looking to be put on TV .

A top 10 kid isn't coming to Madison because it doesn't help them get drafted in a higher spot.

Now a kid who has ability but needs work and development is a different story. 

Nike probably hired a family member as a "consultant" to get him to go to a Nike school. That's how places like Duke get away with cheating. Coach K can say he had nothing to do with it.

For Wisconsin to compete for those types of guys, they'd have to cheat. I don't want that. 

Wisconsin has gotten two five star guys in its history -Dekker and Butch.

They won by developing 3 star guys like Kaminsky, Happ, and Hayes. They regressed because the 2015 recruiting class tanked.

Arguably their most successful class ever was 2013 (Koenig, Hayes, and Brown). That was the 38th ranked class in the country. 



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