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I am just curious how many fans saw this Jamal Williams after weeks 1-3.  LIke many green and gold optimists I blamed his struggles on the O-line, scheme play-calling, lack of vision and everything else under the sun.  Like anyone who saw Aaron Jones in the preseason I wanted to see him get a few carries as his burst and vision were obvious.  

  Unlike many, I realize a lot of players need time (just think Davante most recently or  Lane Taylor and the list goes on) so I was not down on Williams I just thought we had Brandon Jackson all over again!  So my question is; who saw this coming, the power is really obvious but I was always concerned about his  vision.  The last two weeks he has really popped when there are seams available and that 25 yard run on Sunday really demonstrated some aggression with the football.   Jones game winner was icing on the cake but 30 has really showed out and if #12 comes back in two weeks this could be a scary offense even without the TE play I thought would predicate this style of play!


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His college tape shows some of the same attributes but I didn't see any of that in him with GB until the last couple weeks.  30/33 combo is a really good 1-2 punch when you have a guy that can punish tacklers and fight for yards then change up with a slash and dash type guy like Jones.  Can really keep a D on its heels when the OL is cooperating.  Basically, the defender can't get into a rhythm of knowing whether he can keep his weight forward and attack the more straight line power runner of if he has to keep his pads back a bit to deal with the shifty/speed guy.  Keep your pads back and 30 run you over, keep them forward and Jones jukes around you.

IIRC, according to Edgar Bennett, he mentioned early in TC and in PS all these young bucks needed to stop over thinking. Especially Williams. That appears pretty much what he's done. He sees his lane and just moves.

With Ty, that was another issue IMO (beyond durability) that affected the running game. Too much over thinking and being indecisive.

Also, give credit where it's due along the left side of the OL. Bakh and Taylor have done a really nice job

Williams had done mostly nothing this season, even going back to TC. He wasn't getting a lot of opportunities, but when he did, he had little to no production.
But his 'light' really went on when he was rehabbing his knee injury. Since returning from that time off, he has run like a madman.

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Eddie Lee Ivery and Harlan Huckleby  

Barty Smith...now there was a great #12 pick in the draft.

What was amazing wasn't just that he was a number 12 overall pick. It was the fact that he was their only draft pick in the first 4 rounds that year.

in 1975, they didn't have their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks because of the Hadl  trade and a trade for Jim Del Gaizo. They did trade Bob Brown to the Chargers  to get a different 3rd round pick (Will Harrell). 

In 1976, the didn't have 1st (Hadl trade), 2nd (Hadl trade), or 3rd (Bruce Van Dyke trade) round picks.

So the Packers went 3 years where they had 1 of their own draft picks. No wonder they sucked so badly from 1975-1980. Then Bart figured out how to go 8-8 and then got fired. 

Ill admit when I first saw Jamal Williams I thought we had just another Darrell Thompson. I really think with Aaron Jones showing so much when he got in there, maybe that lit a fire under Jamal. If he didnt show something, Jones and or Mays would squeeze him out for playing time. You can just see him giving it 200% lately.

And  I was one who thought we should move on from Adams a few years ago with all the drops. Not sure if I have the patience that some of these coaches do.

My latest whipping boy is Trevor Davis. Early fumble problems, now fair catching the ball inside the 10 or even 5. The returns he does have are nothing Cobb couldnt do. Not a big Davis fan at the moment, maybe he'll find his **** too

I really like the one-two punch of Williams and Jones (or Jones and Williams).  I've been criticized for this view before but I always thought Lacy danced too much in the backfield and missed too many holes.  I always thought he was trying to turn a 2 yard gain into 20, rather than into 4, ie: bouncing it outside rather than turn upfield and dive ahead.  Especially with how Lacy was built, being so big and powerful with such great feet. I just thought he left a lot of yards on the field. But with Williams and Jones it's one cut and go.  Williams is more powerful but Jones has more speed.  I'm pretty excited to see what the future holds for these two guys.  And both look to be solid receivers out of the backfield.  Now they just need to work on blitz pickup this offseason.  Maybe even figure out a few plays they can both be back there.  

Not sure how Monty fits into this.  Maybe he's a 3rd down back or switches back to WR.  Maybe he handles more kickoff duties too. I had high hopes for him this year but never seemed comfortable back there.  Saw a lot of flashes but might need more time to become a full fledged RB.  

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