John Martinkovic, 1927-2018

Any “cool card of the day” thread must start with Bake McBride or Oscar Gamble. 

Or this pic of Jack Lambert in full gear riding a roller coaster looking like he wanted to kill someone that Topps turned into a legacy card in the 80s. 

This could be an epic thread.

O.K. then . We'll let John Martinkovic's legacy be a "cool card "thread in his honor. As I've mentioned before, I am attempting to collect every Packer card (and coin and stamp and odd ball miscellany) issued between 1948 (Leaf put out the first set post war in 1948) and around 1975 (arbitrary, but that was the beginning of the end in my opinion of cards that have any value years later) It's not as easy as you'd think as you'll see, in addition to Leaf, Bowman and of course Topps, there are dozens of specialty issues from the likes of Post Cereal, Salada  Tea,  Drenks chips and on and on. It's been a tad expensive (most I ever dropped was around $150 for both Hornung and Starr '57 rookie cards) but over the years most of the cards I've obtained have been in the $2-$10 range with the occasional $20-$25 expenditure on more valuable cards (any Bart Starr cards from 1957-72 are going to get a premium). I'll expound on more later, but for openers, here's a cool card from the 1948 Leaf set....


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As a Premontre High gym teacher Ted was just following the script and making sure all the kids got some exercise.
There were some impromptu basketball games where Ted took great delight in setting picks.

Sitting in the cafeteria one lunch I saw a guy I really wanted to nail.
I wound up and threw an orange as hard as I could, just as Ted came around the corner. Hit Ted square in the chest and he was spitin' mad!
He said who TF threw this orange?
As the whole room looked at me, I raised my hand as I walked to the entrance and tried to apologize. He wasn't buying it and booted my ass down the hall a number of times, although he never turned me in. (thanks Ted)

Vince jr was a year ahead of me at the same school.

Today's fun card: 1952 Bowman Vito "Babe" Parilli.

Interesting how they used his college picture and designation despite it being in the Packer set. I get quite a kick out of the "records" he set.

Definitely a different era. How many guys ever had 2 stints with the Packers? Long career. Sadly, just passed last year.

Babe ParilliBack Parilli


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Some of you may recall buying books in elementary school, typically through a program like the Scholastic Book Series
One such book I purchase was titled "Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win". It was full of 'inspirational' stories including the likes of Jim Hurtubise, Jerry Kramer, and Bart Starr.

Starr's story detailed the mess the Packers had at QB after he was drafted, including the last years Parilli was there (along with the immortal Joe Francis) .
Of course, he couldn't beat out either of those clowns, and some wondered if he ever would, but he rededicated himself to improving his skills, Lombardi was....well, Lombardi, and the rest is history. 

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