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@RapSheet: The #Lions have fired coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn.

Well, they’re free agents now...

More from Rapaport:

“#Lions OC Darrell Bevell is the interim coach, source said.”

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Hey now, Hot(seat) ex-Patriot DC is available!

No thanks. Whatever Belichick has is not a teachable skill or system. His assistants continue to fail.

So glad the Packers didn't get Josh McDaniels as HC.

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Sorry to see Quinn and Patricia go.

At some point, one or more of the Bears, Lions, or Vikings' franchises will finally hire competent football people to run their team(s) (Vikes were closest but Spielman can't judge QBs and Zim is a great defensive coordinator but not a great head coach).

Until that occurs, the Pack will continue to mostly dominate the trash NFC North simply because Aaron Rodgers remains the QB.

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The Lions hire a competent coach? Never!

To be fair, they hired one. Then let him go to bring in Patricia.

I wouldn't touch that guy with a 10 ft pole as DC. We all know who makes the defense work in New England. It's wasn't Patricia. Wasn't Schiano. Wasn't Flores. Wasn't Pees. Wasn't Mangini. Wasn't Crennel.

@PackLandVA posted:

Some coaches are cut out to be coordinators and no higher.  Just because they fail as HC doesn't necessarily mean they aren't good on one side of the ball.  Plenty of examples.

Agreed but a DC from Belichek's system?  I'd think long and hard about that one.

BTW, LOL at Bevell.

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Who wants to bet the Lions go hard after Jim Harbaugh?

Kinda feels like Harbaugh has hit his saturation point. He hasn't restored any powerhouse status to his alma mater. The media's done with their lovefest of him, might be the perfect time to fleece the Fords and go out with one last paycheck. He's a good coach but his luster is worn out.

I'm not advocating on Patricia's behalf, or any other former Pats' coach.  I'm merely suggesting there's plenty of examples of guys being successful coaching on one side of the ball (as a DC) but not being the guy in charge of the team (HC). 

Here's the thing I love about Quinn. When he sees a problem or deficiency, he attacks it via multiple angles. He doesn't just sign one FA, he drafts the position as well. I think the Patricia/Quinn duo are going to have a fantastic run in Detroit.