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There was talk, when he signed with Indy, that he was going to be a breakout player for them. Of course he got hurt immediately, so itโ€™s all speculation, but heโ€™s an interesting guy. At best youโ€™re getting another big, physical receiver like Lazard who can block and high point the ball. At worst heโ€™s probably just a guy who will either push EQ for playing time or not make it out of TC.

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Jimmy Graham "looked the part" too.

Catch some fucking balls, then I'll judge.

Without straining your perineum.  The guy hasn't been the picture of health but he's been productive when he isn't on a gurney.

I'd be surprised if he didn't make the roster though.  Not like the competition is that stiff after Adams and considering Amari isn't going anywhere.

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Wish we had some video. Apparently, the Amari Rodgers jet sweep made it's debut as well.

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