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TIMPRANILLO:  I saw that yesterday!  Finally!!!!!!!

Those 2 songs are KILLER

The most interesting thing will be seeing if they are gonna have a digital option to buy. I am almost positive that 10,000 days was the last physical CD I have purchased as Tool is the only band I am into that didn't play with Apple or release themselves digitally...

I thought I read somewhere that there were placeholders in iTunes and Spotify with Tool's name...might be mistaken.  But maybe they are going to allow digital sales finally.  I'll still by buy the CD--should be some trippy artwork.

So this past Saturday, seeing Paul McCartney at Lambeau Field, it doesn't get much better than that.  I'm not even a huge Beatles fan, a fan yes, but not a huge one.  That was my first time seeing Paul or any other members of the Beatles live so to see him at Lambeau was special.  I'm sure he probably did better shows in his younger days, but he still was fantastic as a 76 year old musician.


Heck, got to sit probably somewhere around the 20/30 yard line on the actual field, though of course the grass is covered by a raised floor for seating.  We were thinking, "So this is what the players see when they look around the stadium at all the fans".  Pretty cool to get that experience.  I've been on the sidelines before but never actually got to be on the real playing field of course not being able to touch the grass though. 

First: Kiss on their 10th Anniversary tour with Wendy O. Williams and teh Plasmatics opening. My dad told me if Kiss ever came to LaCrosse he'd take me, though it was my mom who actually drove as dad worked at the bar that night. She actually enjoyed Kiss. Wendy O, not so much. 

First I drove to myself: 38 Special with Honeymoon Suite opening. Solid show all around

Favorite: A toss up between Queensryche's first headlining tour, Prince's Nude World Tour and Sonia Dada at a small, riverside Amphitheater in Des Moines. 

Last: It should have been The Winery Dogs at First Avenue but it was on a Monday Night and I don't do that stuff any more. 

I saw Queen plus adam lambert last night in Tampa. It was an awesome concert. I was not a big lambert fan from american idol but he is perfect as the front man for queen. The whole concert was epic. Great tunes,  great songs, great memories, and awesome sound. Adam is not Freddie mercury  but freddie would be proud. Brian May looks the same at 72 as he did 40 years ago.  Fun night. 10 out of 10 on a rating scale.

Went to Sonic Boom a couple times- one year when 5 Finger headlined with Godsmack, and then the next year saw Disturbed with Chevelle and Alter Bridge. 

Last year went to Alter Bridge in Madison- they’re my favorite out there right now. New album coming soon. Can’t wait. 

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