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I wanted Dallas to win that division because I never felt like they posed a threat to the Pack in the playoffs.  At this point I’ll hope the Giants win it but I think Philly will.

A healthy Philly team can give the Pack problems as they showed in 2019.  They are so beat up, they aren’t a threat at present but when they get some of their injured OL, WRs, and TEs back they’ll start to right themselves and win that division.

Stop me if you've heard this before:

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Ooof. ^^^^^^

And another stop me if you've heard this before:

Even without Dak Prescott, Cowboys say plan stays the same on offense

"Despite losing QB Dak Prescott for the season, The Dallas Cowboys have no plans to change anything about the offense they are running"

Ah yes. As personnel changes, you know, like the most important position on the team, MM will stand pat and do nothing. Sound familiar?

Not unlike when he had an athletic DeShawn Kiser and even a Brett Hundley and designed absolutely no plays to highlight their ability to run with the football. I'm not saying that would have led to more wins in and of itself,  but it just floors me after reviewing mass amounts of film in his year off and having a pow-wow with former coaches that MM learned absolutely nothing.

It's still "we do what we do". It's same ole stubborn McVince.