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I've hung around after games and enjoyed victory over an opposing team at Lambeau in their bus area, taunting and hooting it up a bit, nothing overboard.  Don't do it very often.  Had to do it when Parcells was coaching the cowgirls.  I have never seen this bus mooning they talk about and I don't hear about it in the lot or anywhere.  I can't think it's that prevalent.  Anyone here ever witnessed it at Lambeau?


Raiola today:


And, really, what's worse - getting mooned or having bags of piss thrown at your bus?

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  The Packers have a wide and diverse fan base, and that fan base also includes plenty of idiots. 

And here is one now, courtesy of Ask Vic at



Matthew from Fayetteville, NC


Vic, is Datone Jones a fail or pass? I haven't seen or heard anything about him. Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin and David Bakhtiari have all turned out to be good picks, but what about Jones? He doesn't seem to be living up to the hype.


After three games? How many great players would've qualified as failures after the first three games of their careers? Peyton Manning threw eight interceptions in his first three games. Cut him? We all need to calm down.


I think most rational fans are willing to wait 2-3 years to grade a player/draft

This mensa wants to label Datone Jones a bust after 3 games


Given the limited resources on this planet, I think it would be in every ones' best interest if he was shot in the face and eliminated from the gene pool


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