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I think we all know how you lost your virginity jizzmo. Did you close your eyes and go to your happy place when Father O'Bannon touched you there jizzmo? Or did your chin welcome the rhythmic pounding of balls like a handball court wall? I bet It kills you that you liked it doesn't it jizzy? Even to this day...

Please tell us, does your sphincter clench when you see white collars, grape juice and melba crackers jizzmo?
Shoeless Joe seems very upset by the news. I don't care. I think it's funny, but Shoeless Joe has already resorted to personal attacks even though I haven't even mentioned him in this thread.

Is he projecting for a reason? He seems to be very in tune with the Catholic religion!

Your attempts at wit are lacking. Sincerely, your bestest buddy, Henry.

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Athiest's tend to study religion harder than most Christians. You sure seem to know a lot about the sacrament and Father O'Bannon. Almost as if you turned away from God due to a personal experience.

I could think of a better place to bring it out in the open, but to each their own. Hopefully you feel better by getting it off your chest.
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