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OKC down 2-1. That’s surprising yet not. OKC super team got a really bad matchup with Utah- they’re capable of beating anyone. Mitchell is unbelievable- he’s a rookie??? Utah caught lightning in a bottle with that pick (13th pick). 

On the ROTY topic, I do not think Simmons should be the ROTY. He collected a paycheck, attended meetings, did all the things rookies do... LAST YEAR. He’s not a rookie. I think it’s ridiculous that he’s being considered, and that Embiid was considered last year. You don’t get a redshirt rookie year. 

Meanwhile, Portland came in riding high, had a great year- and got swept. And except for game one, they were all pretty decisive. Moving Jrue Holiday to 2G just sent that team to the stratosphere. Finally a compliment to Davis. No one gave much to the Pelicans for picking up Rondo- but he is playing as well as he has ever. If they go deep, do they make a run to keep Cousins? If they do, is thatvteam a real challenger in the West? They’ll run out of gas in round 2 against GS, but they’re suddenly looking like a dangerous team. 

The Timberwolves did what the Bucks did- got off their asses in game 3 to make it 2-1.  I know the consensus was a that KAT is a top 10 player, but he scored 8 in game 1, 5 in game 2. Tonight he had 18-16-3-1-2, butbit was really Butler and Teague hitting 7 threes that were the big shots. And Derrick Rose had 17 our of nowhere... we’ll if Minnesota and Milwaukee can follow up in game 4. 

Utah is pretty good and not sure anyone expected them to play this well.  Having the ROTY (Mitchell) helps.  I also think Quin Synder is really underrated as a coach.   OKC is just an enigma of a team but that’s what you get with a Westbrook led squad.  He’s a more talented version of Eric Bledsoe.   When he’s focused and motivated he’s unstoppable but his body language and attitude and antics can work the other way (bad for chemistry) so you take the good with the bad. 

Not surprised at all about how New Orleans is playing.  They are the classic fly under the radar team which is amazing because I think Anthony Davis might be the best player in the league that no one talks about.   To a lesser extent it’s the same thing with Holiday.   All I know is that’s the best 1-2 punch in the playoffs and they are going to give Golden State some problems. 

As for Minnesota,  I think they have a tougher path than the Bucks and was expecting more out of Towns.  He’s been a disappointment so far in the playoffs and not sure you can count on Derrick Rose scoring 17 again.  Butler is the key guy on that team anyway.  When he plays well they usually win. 

That play with Stephenson- how do you go from a jump ball to only a foul on him? Looked to me like both players were going at it... but they switch the call? At a crucial moment in the game? WTF???

If that’s what replay does, then the Bucks should have demanded a replay review so the officials could see that Snell got his jersey yanked, which lead to the turnover. Or on Giannis’ thunderous dunk that it should have been an and-one on Horford. Or on Horford’s layup on Parker where not only did Horford commit a flagrant foul by elbowing Parker in the face, he then proceeded to use Parker’s face as leverage to get the layup and then somehow complain to the officials about not getting a foul to boot and mysteriously holding his head as if he was the guy that got hit in the head. 

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