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Basil Mitchell

That list is obviously put together by some 20 year old looking for clicks.  There is some dumb shit in that list.

Edit:  Looks like it was edited.  Ahman Green belongs more in the RBs who were dominate over a short period of years like Jamal Lewis or Terrell Davis.  Great RBs did it their entire career.

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@CUPackFan posted:

Hard to rank the top because RB is a dependent position.  Emmitt Smith was great but a lot of his yards were gifts from arguably the greatest OL ever.

In no specific order, my top 5 from 1990-2022 (my football watching life): Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, and Marshall Faulk.

I go back a little bit further than you to 1978 so got to see Walter Payton, Franco Harris, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, and Eric Dickerson too.

Probably my favorite non-Packers runner was Emmitt Smith, but I tend to agree that he might be towards the bottom of the top 10 guys.  I thought Emmitt was the least physically gifted of the great RBs in terms of size/speed but he was probably top 3 in toughness and instinctiveness/field vision to squeeze into a running lane.  He had a lot of help, but he was the best player on those β€˜90s Cowboys teams that were loaded with talent.

Best ever in the 20th Century probably goes to Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson.  21st Century it’s Tomlinson and Petersen.

Most underrated back in my football watching life (starting in 1991) - Priest Holmes.  Never mentioned in any list but his three years stretch from 2001-2003 was as good as any back in history - averaged 1,500 yard rushing, 650 yards receiving, and 20 TDs.  6,500 yards from scrimmage and 61 TDs in those three years.

If Terrell Davis is in the hall of fame because of his 3 years stretch (averaged 1,750, 270, 17), then so should Priest Holmes.

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I agree Priest Holmes is underrated but I still think Terrell Davis is a cut above.  He was the best player on 2 Super Bowl Champs, had a 2000 yard season and would have done much more had it not been for some major injuries.

I think Holmes was on a Super Bowl champ but was mostly a reserve player for that team.  He’s damn good though and maybe does deserve consideration for the HOF.

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