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I really love the way the schedule has been formed for the Packers the last few years.  

Having games against our NFLNorth rivals in the first few weeks gives those early games more importance and if we win those, we know that gives us an inside track to winning the division.

And then having the last few games of the season be the rematch games really builds tension and excitement, as those have a huge impact on winning the division, making the playoffs and playoff seeding.

Now this year we started in games 1 and 2 against North rivals.  We don’t play the Bears until week 12, and I think that’s unfortunate.  We will be done with the Vikings after week 8, and I don’t like that either.   However, we will have a week 14 rematch with the Lions.  And the last week (17) will be a huge game against the Bears.

Personally, I’d like to see weeks 1-3 be tilts against the North teams, and again for the last 3 weeks of the season.   At any rate, I much prefer these schedules to past years when there was no rhyme or reason to when we played the other North teams.

What about the rest of you?

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I'm neutral on opening the season vs divisional opponents. There are pros and cons to each side. I wouldn't mind it personally, but it's not anything I would advocate for.
Ending the season vs divisional opponents I do like, and don't see a downside.

The one thing I want to see is divisional home/away games scheduled more equitably. Using this year as an example, Detoilet at home was scheduled for week 2. Next year, it should be scheduled for December. It's not fair to have home games vs divisional dome teams scheduled early or mid-season year after year.

I do think starting the season out against division opponents gives the start of the season a do or die feeling right away.  But, I have always been one that divisional games should be at the end of the season.  I honestly would fully support a rule that the Packers can't play divisional opponents until after the first of November.  

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