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I jokingly said last night "I bet the Packers longest PR of the year is less than 5 yards".  Little did I really know...

Through 11 games

The Packers have forced 41 punts

  • 7 have been downed by opponent
  • 3 have been kicked out of bounds
  • 2 have been touchback

29 punts have been actually caught by Packers returners

  • 21 of those have been Fair Catches

8 punts have been returned by Packers Punt Returners

  • 1 Return for +1 
  • 4 returns for no gain
  • 1 return for -1 yards
  • 1 return for -2 yards
  • 1 return for -9 and fumbled to opposition

8 returns, -11 yards, 1 fumble

Trevor Davis returning a punt for 1 yard on the second punt return of the year vs the Bears has been the only PR where the Packers gained yards


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Absolutely insane. It's easy to say it's simply a coaching issue, but a performance this poor indicates a deeper issue. All the ST units have been resoundingly terrible overall except for Crosby and Hunter Bradley, although I don't see Bradley make many plays in coverage as he's supposed to. So it is a coaching issue, but I also think Gute may have gone too far to the opposite extreme of TT. Ted seemed to sacrifice needed depth to keep ST guys like Janis, Bush, Lattimore, etc. Gute seems to want to load up on players he believes can contribute, but are clearly don't have the knack for ST. Find a happy medium, keep a couple of Bush's around to set the tone, find a speedy returner to be your #6 WR, and bring in a coach who can work with the entire fucking team on tackling. I mean, SF and KC are seemingly 5 deep with players who have legit 4.3/4.4 speed who can be utilized on offense and STs...meanwhile we're running reverses to Lazard, who did well, but having a fast WR would have gone for a TD. 

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EC Pack posted:

Because neither of them are fast.

Not many fast guys on the team. That has been obvious for almost a decade.

Packers have been small and slow. A bad combination. They added some speed in the last couple of years but still need much more to be able to compete with the best rosters in the NFL.

They just don't have much speed and it shows. They have a few guys but they need to overwhelm opposing teams with speed all over the field otherwise the opposition can scheme to take the few speed guys away then they have nowhere to go.